OTC global - internationale Transporte und Umzüge


Specialized in overseas transports and worldwide removals

Our specialisation your convenience

For specific countries in Latin America and Middle East, OTC global offers services in addition to transport. This specialisation shall be consistently extended to other countries.

We personally take care of your project

Personal advisor for every transport order: OTC global emphasises on smooth flow of information and individual project responsibility. Thus, for every transport project, there is always one person in charge.

OTC global GmbH Transport and Logistics Services


Focus of OTC global is long-distance transport by maritime vessel, by air and by land via truck and rail.

OTC global is not a conventional freight forwarder facilitating and organising only pure transport, but it is a solutions provider for logistical challenges with additional service and consultancy benefits. OTC global consistently determines new combination options of different means of transport to manage its transport and logistics orders optimally. The focus is on enhancing our knowledge regarding main transport routes in order to be able to provide advanced services in the area of documentation, customs procedures and country specific information for the customers.

Internationale Transporte

International Transportation

We offer best combinations for implementation of your transport order by sea, land and via air freight.

Internationale Umzüge

International Removals

We consider international removals, such as overseas removals, as projects due to their complexity.

Transporte und Umzüge nach Südamerika

South America

Use the knowledge of the country, the network and the partnerships of OTC global in the chosen countries.

Transporte und Umzüge nach Mittlerer Osten

Middle East

Use the knowledge of the country, the network and the partnerships of OTC global in the chosen countries.


We stand out due to the exclusive orientation of our activities towards the needs of customers, our diversity, independence and agility.

We have a world-wide network of agents and transport partners in order to be able to provide the comprehensive customer service abroad.

The current focus of the controlled corporate growth is on the development of own competence in third countries and extending our own locations, logistical performance and services in South America and in the Middle East, especially in Iran.

We are always there for you